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mainpage France Excursions Paris Paris Private guided walking tour of the Louvre Museum
The history goes back to the famous museum of the fortress , which was built in 1190 by King Philip II Augustus to defend the city from attacks of the Normans. At the beginning of XVI century by order of Francis I and other medieval dungeon towers were demolished and in their place arose a great Renaissance chateau , which later expanded royals and finishing work for four centuries. The last transformation we owe President Francois Mitterrand : during his reign in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum Napoleon in 1989, was built by the famous glass pyramid designed by the architect IM Pei . If you are an art lover - be sure to visit this museum , which is its impressive collection of Oriental , Egyptian, Greek , Etruscan and Roman antiquities, European sculpture and zhipopis , rare examples of antique furniture, jewelry and jewelry. Masterpieces by Raphael and Titian , Nike of Samothrace , the Venus de Milo, the Mona Lisa and much more , not less unique and wonderful .... looking forward to meeting with you!

Private guided walking tour of the Louvre Museum

Region :
Category :
For all ages, History, Experience
Type on the movement:
days of:
Number of persons:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Length of tour:
2 hours
Price from:
38 euro
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+O know:

During a tour of the Louvre (2 - 2.5 hours) you will see or visit :
( we mention only the major works of art and historical monuments, accompanying them with brief comments ):

  • foot of the medieval walls of the Louvre , dating from the 12th century , the first stone of which was laid by King Philip Augustus , before sending it to the Third Crusade . Originally vozvdigalsya Louvre as a fortress , protecting the western approaches to Paris. It is believed that the word " Louvre " is derived from the word «lower» - « Fortress" in the language of the Franks .
  • given that in the Middle Ages mostly acted piecework pay for work performed , stonemasons " sign " their stones , beating on them the signs that you will see during your hike .

You will also visit Greek Hall , where you will be presented one of the major masterpieces of the museum

  • Venus de Milo or Greek mythology, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. It is believed that this sculpture gave the world the modern standards of beauty : 90-60-90 ...
  • still one of the three jewels of the museum is an ancient Greek marble sculpture of the goddess Nike , named Samothrace at the place of its discovery in 1863 by the French consul Charles Shampuazo . At the time, the statue stood on a cliff above the sea , and its pedestal portrayed nose warship .

impossible to pass by the Department of Italian Renaissance :

  • we see works by Giotto , Botticelli , Raphael ( "Beautiful Gardener ," " Self-Portrait " and others) , Paolo Veronese ( " The Marriage at Cana , etc.) , Titian .

Separate lounge granted possession of the third masterpiece of the museum, the Louvre original card

  • Her Majesty "Mona Lisa " or " Mona Lisa " , the most famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci.
    More than five centuries, the Mona Lisa is mesmerizing the world with his smile , trying to explain the nature of which many scholars and historians . "La Gioconda" was among the selected works , with which he never parted painter . I picture a very interesting story that you tell the guide during the tour . You will also see other works by Leonardo da Vinci, no less interesting from an artistic point of view, than the " Mona Lisa ».

In the hall of the French classicism you will meet with an academic painting , that is ( are just some pictures ):

    With creativity
  • Jacques-Louis David's " The Coronation of Napoleon I Bonaparte ." The painting was created by David under the order of Napoleon I.
  • impossible to pass " Large odalisque " Ingres, written by the artist in 1814. The painting was commissioned in 1813 by Queen Caroline Murat of Naples as a pair of "Sleeping Woman" , bought it at Ingres for several years before and other

In the next room , devoted to Romanticism you get to know

  • creativity Theodore Gericault (for example, the painting " The Raft " Medusa ") and a bright palette of Eugène Delacroix (" Freedom on the barricades "and" The Death of Sardanapalus king "), etc.

impossible to list , so following your guide, the atmosphere of the 19th century , considering the masterpieces of these halls .

Also among the most outstanding exhibits of the Louvre you will see :

  • sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti : the famous " Risen slave" and " Dying Slave " ( 1513-1616 ) . Master made ​​them for the Vatican St. Peter's Basilica ,
  • famous sculptor Antonio Canova , "Cupid and Psyche " (1783-1793) , which is considered one of the best incarnations of the Greek myth , a symbol of love and sensuality .

very rich collection of Egyptian Hall ( which you can visit on your own ), the second largest after Cairo , where exhibits of civilizations that developed in the Nile Valley from the last period of the prehistoric era (c. 4000 BC ) to the Christian period ( 4th century AD ) . Also an interesting collection of Flemish paintings and ancient East .

Stops for photos :

  • day off - Sunday .
  • all only without the flash .
  • in the case came on tour with a big umbrella - cane or a tripod for the camera , security Louvre ask them to pass into the storage chamber .
  • for good hearing for a group of 5 people in the high season we recommend to order headphones ( 2 euros per person. ) , the order is carried out in advance.

For your information :

  • For convenience and comfort of individual clients tour starts from the hotel venue - hour away. Need to provide additional time and expense of a taxi , if located in more than a 10-15 minute walk to the starting point of the tour. If the hotel is not far from the Louvre , the guide will take you to the museum .
  • If
  • on request tour starts not from the hotel , and , for example, or from any place in the city , are kindly asked to provide a mobile phone customer in order to avoid loss of time , the search capability of tourists .
  • If service is to meet with a guide around the museum , the traditional meeting place is the equestrian statue of Louis XIVpered glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre .
  • The price does not include the cost of tickets : 12 euros per person . ( Ticket price may vary ) .


Recommendation :

  • not forget your camera ( for memorable photographs ).
  • if the chance of rain , consider this case an umbrella in case of hot weather - headdress , sunglasses and a bottle of drinking water (in the museum hat and sunglasses you do not need , but when you exit the museum - for sure) .
  • sports or comfortable shoes are recommended .
  • contemplate outdoor clothing for the weather .
  • if after the tour is not intended to shopping , do not take your passport ( carry a photocopy of it ) and large amounts of money , leave them better in your hotel safe .
  • in the coming days if you plan to visit other state museums , envisages the acquisition by the museum card , saving entrance fees and provide you with a museum pass for you. Museums card you can order at your agency , we will deliver it to you at the hotel .
  • if you are interested in a particular subject , we have a staff of guides who can prepare a tour specifically for your inquiry, please contact and request !
  • Wednesday and Friday, the Louvre is open until 22.00 .

from 6 people to pay for the booking , the cost depending on the number of people.