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mainpage France Excursions Loire Valley Amboise Private tour of the castles of the Loire
One of the great regions of France - Loire Valley usually awarded numerous, and, perhaps, the most romantic epithets : "history , embodied in stone ',' Garden of France ',' country castles " ... No one else in Western Europe there is no such a huge number of different styles of locks, concentrated on a relatively small territorii.Zdes everything breathes romance : pierced by sunlight green old trees , ancient thick walls donjon graceful turrets and castles , magnificent facades of old buildings , as well as fresh, breathable air and sea love the Atlantic ... . During the tour you will see three main pearl necklace from a rich Loire Valley castles of Chenonceau , Amboise and Chambord, you will find the famous Loire wine tasting and guaranteed an excess of emotion at the end of this exciting journey ....

Private tour of the castles of the Loire

Region :
Loire Valley
Amboise, Chenonceaux, Chambord
Category :
For all ages, History, Experience
Type on the movement:
auto tour
days of:
Number of persons:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Length of tour:
12 hours
Price from:
193 euro
  • Château d'Amboise
  • Château d'Amboise
  • Château d'Amboise
  • Château d'Amboise
  • Château d'Amboise
  • Château d'Amboise
  • Château d'Amboise
  • Chenonceau
  • Chenonceau
  • Chenonceau
  • Chenonceau
  • Chenonceau
  • Chenonceau
  • Chenonceau
  • Chenonceau
  • Castle of Chambord
  • Castle of Chambord
  • Castle of Chambord
  • Castle of Chambord
  • Castle of Chambord
  • Castle of Chambord
  • Castle of Chambord
  • Castle of Chambord
  • Castle of Chambord
+O know:

During a tour of the Loire Valley Castles ( 12:00 ) You see or visit :

famous for its history Château d'Amboise , towering over the Loire. The emergence of the castle belongs to the Middle Ages , since 1430 Amboise becomes the property of the royal crown. By Charles VIII began construction of a three-storey castle with towers and invited Italians Domenico da Cortona and Fra Giocondo presented in France previously unknown architectural style of the Renaissance . Here first appeared in France a regular garden . Within the walls of this castle rose by King Francis I, on the invitation of his own genius came to France at the time - Leonardo da Vinci, who lived and worked far away from Amboise , a small castle Clos Lussier . Within the walls of Amboise, he finished his masterpiece - the famous " Mona Lisa ", and here he died and was buried with honors in 1519 in the Church of St. Florentin . Lived here Henry II, Catherine de Medici , Mary Stuart , in the castle , on the orders of Louis XIV, was detained Nicolas Fouquet , here cruelly punished conspiracies and signed important edicts ... history was made here in France ... After visiting the castle you will find the famous wine of the Loire wines.

During the tour you will visit the castle of Amboise and see :

  • climbing the castle walls you can enjoy panoramic views of the Loire ,
  • chapel of St. Hubert, which you transferred the remains of Leonardo da Vinci ,
  • beautiful garden of the castle of Amboise ,

Entering the castle you can visit and see :

  • Guards Hall , the location of which allows protection control entry to the floor that housed the apartments of the king ,
  • You will pass the so-called Guard Promenade , it offers a view of the Loire and Amboise neighborhood that allowed in case of danger in time to raise the alarm .
  • Hall protection with suits of armor and furniture of the era .
  • Hall drummers or ballroom, it is here Francis I arranged his numerous balls and festivities. Room furnishings Renaissance .
  • boardroom is the largest in area room, decorated with 2 fireplaces made ​​in the Gothic style , and the second - in the Renaissance style . Here important decisions regarding the fate of the state .
  • Rooms of Henry II with unusual for our time a bed king .
  • Apartments Louis - Philippe : his office with a portrait of the Duchess of Orleans , bathroom and lounge music .

After visiting the castle you will find tasting wines of the Loire .

Next Your path lies the castle of Chenonceau , visited annually by millions of tourists. Castle otherwise called the " Ladies ' lock ' , as at different times belonged to the famous fair sex . The owner, whose name is associated fate of the castle, were Catherine Bonnet , laid the first stone built in 1513 and supervised the construction of Chenonceau , mistress of Henry II of beautiful Diane de Poitiers , not sparkling beauty of her cunning competitor and wife of the same king , Catherine de Medici , Louise de Vaudémont or " White Lady " , the wife of Henry II, Louise Dupa ... is unique and very architecture of this building : Chenonceau castle 60 meters long and 6 meters wide draped in a beautiful two-storey bridge - gallery through the influx of the Loire , the Cher River . Hit a riot of colors 2 garden adjacent to the castle and named in honor of the most famous ladies living in the walls of this magnificent building: Her Majesty Queen Catherine de Medici and Diane de Poitiers irresistible .

During the tour of the castle of Chenonceau you visit and see :

  • leading to the castle beautiful avenue bordered by ancient plane trees ,
  • alley on the right side you will see the garden of Diane de Poitiers ,
  • the oldest building of the castle - a medieval dungeon ,
  • Guardsmen room through which you can walk in the castle chapel , the striking splendor of its stained glass windows and marble bas-relief on kararskom " Virgin and Child " Mino da Fiesole work .
  • room Diane de Poitiers , a beautiful fireplace and antique furniture ,
  • green room, which is an office of Catherine de Medici during her regency .
  • Queen
  • the old library ,
  • Francis I
  • room with the most beautiful and unique in its execution fireplace Shenonoso castle ,
  • Louis XIV salon with fireplace , decorated with emblems of Francis I and Queen Clotilde - Salamander and the Ermine , also deserves special attention Lyudyuvika XIV portrait of Rigaud ,
  • interesting decoration and its huge skewer the royal kitchen , located below the ground floor .
  • room Gabriel D'Estrees , mistress of Henry IV,
  • front room or the room "five queens " , named in honor of Catherine de Medici two of her daughters and daughters-in- 3 ( Queen Margot , Elizabeth French , Mary Stuart , Elizabeth of Austria and Queen Louise , the wife of Henry III),
  • black room " White Lady ." This story will tell you guide during your visit to this wonderful castle , perhaps the most beautiful of all the Loire Valley ...

third lock our route - it is one of the most recognizable structures in France and certainly is an architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance . The scale Chambord , the brainchild of King Francis I broadcast figures: 426 rooms, 77 staircases, 282 fireplaces, facade length - 156 meters, width of same - 117 meters ! "Symphony carved in stone " - so impressed by this composer Frederic Chopin famous castle of the Loire Valley. Argued that the famous spiral staircase double Chambord was designed by the genius of the time - Leonardo da Vinci , a close friend of Francis I.

During the tour you will visit the castle of Chambord and see :
On the first floor :

  • famous double staircase of the castle, supposedly designed by the Leonardo da Vinci ,
  • Royal Chapel (entrance on the first floor) , which occupies the west tower of Chambord, began to build under Francis I, and finished under Louis XIV Versailles ZH.A architect Mansart ,
  • small exhibition of carriages , which shows the horse-drawn carriages , ordered the carriage at the Count of Chambord master Binder in 1871 specifically for the triumphal entry of the new king in Paris, which , alas ..... did not take place .

Upstairs you will get acquainted with the various embodiments of the situation dwellings castle from the XVI to the XIX century, by recreating elements of the interior of those times .

  • chambers of Francis I, located in the east wing , beautifully decorated with images of roses and salamanders used in internal and external decoration. Salamanders symbolize King motto "Nutrsco et extinguo", which can be translated as " I eat ( good fire ) and stub (bad light )" and lilies - the royal authority .
  • King
  • apartments located in the northeast corner , consist of two additional rooms : huge elongated hall destined for official receptions , lit by a string of windows, and another , smaller room, which served as an office , which was done in the style of the Italian Renaissance .
  • state apartments ,
  • Queen
  • apartments , which in turn lived two wife of Louis XIV, Maria Theresa of Austria and the Marquise de Maintenon ,
  • apartments XVIII century , remember that you visit the busiest time in the life of the castle - for the whole 12 years they occupied the approximate person Stanislaw Leszczynski and Marshal Saxe .
  • gallery of miniature cannons , military toy collection of Count de Chambord .

Stops for photos :

  • Everywhere whenever you need it , on arrival at the locks .

For your information :

  • For convenience and comfort of individual clients tour starts from the hotel , the venue - the hotel desk .
  • necessary to provide additional food costs , entrance fees and meals .

Recommendation :

  • not forget your camera ( for memorable photographs ).
  • if the chance of rain , consider this case an umbrella in case of hot weather - headdress , sunglasses and a bottle of drinking water .
  • sports or comfortable shoes is highly recommended .
  • contemplate outdoor clothing for the weather .
When not shopping , do not take your passport ( carry a photocopy of it ) and large amounts of money , leave them better in your hotel safe .
recommend buy in memory of this trip a few bottles of wine to the circle of friends and family to remember this wonderful journey , diluting memories and stories pleasant drink ...