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mainpage France Excursions Paris Paris Individual excursion to Versailles
We invite you to visit the former residence of the French kings , hit their scope and beauty , the largest and most luxurious palace and park ensemble in Western Europe , a masterpiece and the brainchild of His Majesty "King - Sun ..." Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Versailles !
Geniuses of the business architects Louis and Jules Hardouin Left - Mansart , the creator of the park and gardens of André Le Nôtre created this masterpiece in the suburbs of Paris in place a modest hunting lodge of Louis XIII. The successful embodiment of design in life is the fact that since the end of the XVII century Versailles serves as a model for official country residences of European monarchs and aristocracy in particular Peter I, during his visit to France in 1717 , he studied diligently device Palace and parks which later inspired him to create Peterhof near St. Petersburg. For the construction of the palace of Louis XIV from the state treasury has been allocated a huge amount of money ( putting the cost of building a palace in relation to the state budget in the XVII century France today ) to 259.56 billion euros ...
From 1682 to 1789 years , until the French Revolution , Versailles was the official royal residence.

Individual excursion to Versailles

Region :
Category :
For all ages, History, Experience
Type on the movement:
days of:
Number of persons:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Language available:
  • Russian
  • English
Length of tour:
4 hours
Price from:
72 euro
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+O know:

During a tour of the royal palace of Versailles ( 4:00 ) You see or visit :

  • hitting its scope Honorary yard ;
  • spacious salon of Hercules , which was built by order of Louis XIV specifically to house paintings by Paolo Veronese " Feast in the House of Simon the Pharisee . " Cover decorated hall painted Francois Lemoine , the artist's work has led Louis XIV so excited that website immediately appointed court painter . During the reign of the King - The sun is held diplomatic receptions .
  • Versailles Palace chapel dedicated to Saint Louis , patron saint of the Bourbon dynasty . Within the walls of the building were the marriage liturgy , served thanksgiving services to commemorate military victories and celebrating the birth of heirs and heirs to the throne .
    Returning to the hall of Hercules smoothly into the large royal suite , consisting of several salons : Salon of Abundance , Venus Salon , Salon Diana, Mars Salon , Salon Mercury and Apollo Salon .
  • Salon of Abundance , which were carried out " in the evening the royal chambers " - Fun and games that the king arranged for his courtiers .
  • Salon Venus. Salon gets its name because of the story canopy , on which the artist Rene Antoine Ass painted " Venus, subdued the gods and the forces of nature ." In this cabin under Louis XIV playing billiards.
  • Salon Diana painted scenes from ancient mythology and history ,
  • Mars Salon , where it was located when the king's guard ,
  • Mercury Lounge , which served as the front bedroom and the place where the game staged royals ,
  • Salon of Apollo , which was on a raised throne, and in the evenings there are often arranged dance and musical performances in which the king was directly involved .
  • further through lounge War we proceed in the Mirror Gallery , which became the apotheosis of Great Style of Louis XIV! The most famous interior of the palace of Versailles, created by J. Hardouin - Mansart and Le Brun Sh impresses with its majesty and grandeur : 170 windows from the park , on the opposite side of them are huge mirrors , height 12.5 m gallery , length 73 m, width 10 , 5 pm on ordinary days gallery serves as a transition , in which the king and his family every day heading towards more apartments on the mass in the palace chapel , also organized here funny balls and receptions of ambassadors of foreign powers . In the Mirror Gallery June 28, 1919 was signed the Treaty of Versailles , ending the First World War .
  • more you will follow in that part of the Little King's apartments , located in the oldest part of the Palace of Louis XIII, father of "King - the Sun."
  • antechamber and a king bedroom , where the court expected to pass the permission to attend the Morning Release King king's bedroom , located on. This room is also known as Bassano Antechamber in honor placed on the walls of several paintings by the Italian artist Jacopo Bassano .
  • the Cabinet Council of Louis XIV « on Sundays , and often on Mondays according to the memoirs of Saint - Simon , met the Council of State ; Tuesdays - Financial advice ; Wednesdays - again , the State Council ; Saturdays - Financial advice. " It also accepted writers exalt the Sun King .
  • again go out to the Mirror Galerreyu through which fall into the state apartments of Queen .
  • Queen bedroom decor preserved 18th-century reign of Marie Antoinette . Bed which occurred publicly royal birth, according to the established law.
  • Salon
  • more cutlery (also known during the reign of Louis XIV as Salon dinner King ) .
  • passing through the Coronation Hall , you will see the work of Jacques-Louis David .
  • further you get off the stairs in Marble Queen patio where the hunting palace of Louis 13 , which provided the foundation built the Palace of Versailles .
  • guided you will follow in the park of Versailles, much of which was blagousroena classic-style regular French park through the efforts of the famous André Le Nôtre . Gardens and park located to the west of the palace , a total area of ​​900 hectares on the territory of the palace and park ensemble grows 350,000 trees. Also carefully manicured lawns and lawns , sculptures and parterres of flowers throughout the gardens are fountains that provide unique gardens of Versailles. Every year, from late spring to early autumn every weekend grandiose presentation -Grandes Eaux Holiday or fountains - during which all the fountains in the park work in full force .
  • day off - Monday .

Stops for photos :

  • Everywhere whenever you need it , but without the flash .
  • in the case came on tour with a big umbrella - cane or a tripod for the camera , with stitching or cutting objects with a drink or a meal , it should be borne in mind that the security service of Versailles ask them to pass into the storage chamber .
  • for good hearing for a group of 5 people in the high season we recommend to order headphones ( 2 euros per person) , the order is carried out in advance .

For your information :

  • For convenience and comfort of individual clients tour starts from the hotel venue - hour away.
  • If
  • on request tour starts not from the hotel , and , for example, or from any place in the city , are kindly asked to provide a mobile phone customer in order to avoid wasting time searching for potential tourists .

Recommendation :

  • not forget your camera ( for memorable photographs ).
  • if the chance of rain , consider this case an umbrella in case of hot weather - headdress , sunglasses and a bottle of drinking water .
  • sports or comfortable shoes is highly recommended .
  • contemplate outdoor clothing for the weather.

If the tours are not supposed to shopping , do not take your passport ( carry a photocopy of it ) and large amounts of money , leave them better in your hotel safe .

  • in the coming days if you plan to visit other state museums , the museum is envisaged to purchase cards that will save entrance fees and provide you with a museum pass for you. Museums card you can order at your agency , we will deliver it to you at the hotel .
  • for visiting Versailles tours reservation to the right to vote is required for any number of tourists. Booking in advance is performed .